Saturday, January 13, 2007

We are in Antigua!!!

We are happy to be writing this entry from the internet cafe in La Posade de Don Rodrigo in Antigua Guatemala!!! We had a long day of travel yesterday. It was proven to both of us that a 9 hour layover in Dallas is just too long. Even with two 10 minute sessions in the massage chair at Brookstones.

Here is the view from our room in Antigua. Nice volcano!

Here I am in a tuk tuk. This guy drove us to a friends house where we had a wonderful afternoon. Thanks to my brilliant skill of speaking spainish and negotiating a bargain, we only paid 20 Quetzales. The conversation went like this.

Chad: How much ? (Quantos Quetzales..)

Driver: 15

Chad: How about 20?

Driver: OK?!?!

Once we got in the tuk tuk, Carrie said " Did you just say 20 when he offered 15?"
to which I said " Yes, Yes I did."

We cannot wait until Monday when we get Lily. We will have more to say then.


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