Thursday, January 04, 2007

Some More Pictures

Here's the family Christmas card picture.

Max enjoys the sweet life. Frosting on a lolipop. Can it get any better?

On Christmas eve, the kids found an unexpected guest napping in our living room. Guess who was taking a short rest before the big delivery.

These pictures of our little girl were taken on Dec. 26

It should only be a few more weeks until we bring her home.


Maria said...

She's just beautiful!

dave.heather said...

Hi Carrie and Chad. You're family is beautiful! I'm so glad you started a blog. The kids are darling! If you get to Antigua on your pick up trip look me up. All my best, Heather and the Gang
P.S. Seeing those couches from the Marriott gave me anxiety!! No more visit trips for us! Congratulations on almost having Lily home. Can't wait to follow your trip. ~H