Sunday, January 21, 2007

Family, Friends, Ice and Snow Globes

We have been seriously blessed with the best family and friends imaginable. This has been a great day. Everyone at church was so excited to see our whole family. Gabbie and Will also were able to introduce Lily to their sunday school classes.
After church Lily napped and Mom unpacked while I took the three other kids ice skating on the pond. The ice is amazing this year. Some neighbors already cleared some snow off and all the kids skated like pros. Even Max only needed me to hold one hand for about a half hour then he was able to skate on his own. Sorry no pictures of that.
Then Carrie's family and my mom and Grandma visited in the evening.

Will likes to do this special event for Lily. He lines up all of our snow globes and gets them going all at the same time. Lily finds it quite amusing.

Lily gets to know Great Grandma

Que Pasa, Cousin?

Grandpa gives Lily some advice on Power Napping.

Lily with Grandma and Great Grandma

Pizza and (Root) Beer for the boys

The girls stick together.

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dave.heather said...

So fun to see your family all at home!! It makes me excited to be home, too. Talk to you guys soon. ~Heather and the Gang