Saturday, January 20, 2007

First Day Back Home

The first day is almost complete. This is what we have worked and waited and prayed for so hard. It is great to be back home. We have never been away from our kids for more than 2 days, so we are all very happy to have our family back together, plus one.

Here we are a few minutes after we got off of the airplane. 45 minutes late.

This is the welcoming committee. What a surprise to see so many family and friends. They even had some cake for a little party in the terminal. Thanks guys!
I took this picture this morning, but we were welcomed to our house last night by these great signs. There were also decorations inside. Celebration is the key word.

Max is really liking being a Big Brother, and Lily thinks he is pretty good at it too.

The first bath at home.
There is so much hair to wash and Lily does not like to take baths... Well at least not how we do it.

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