Saturday, April 04, 2009

Gabbie's Birthday!!!!!

I cannot believe that our oldest child turned twelve this weekend. As a mom, I could fill this entire blog entry with all sorts of sappy emotional jargon. I could write for the next two hours about how I held her in my arms as a newborn baby what seems like just last week and about how it must have been yesterday that we were teaching her how to ride her bike without training wheels. But now my eyes are starting to fill with tears and this blog entry was supposed to be about what a great celebration we had this weekend, so I will try to stick to the point.
We surprised Gabbie with a room make over. Her mattress has been on the floor for the past nine months. She has been using the comforter to cover up with that I made her when she was 2 years old, and that was two houses ago. Yes, her room needed a little attention. So, we decided to go all out. Chad made (yes, he made) her a platform bed with a gorgeous upholstered headboard. (What an amazing man he is, but again, I will try to stick to the point!) I picked out the rest of the decor, and I tried to really choose the style that my preteen daughter would love. Some great friends helped to get her out of the house for the afternoon, and here is the result:
notice in the picture below that Max is covering his ears because his sister is screaming so loud. Yeah, I think she likes it!
If you can get past Max in his unders, this is the best we could do for a "before picture".

Gabbie had a fun celebration with some friends at the Mall last night.
Anyone for a Mall scavenger hunt? What could be more fun for this great group of girls?
How much is the most expensive pair of men's shoes in the Foot Locker? How many different colors of "CROCS" does the Hallmark store have? Any guesses? These girls had to answer those questions and more as part of the adventure.

Will woke Gabbie up on her birthday with a surprise scavenger hunt at our house which included finding ten different flavors of Jones Soda. I must say, this was a very creative gift that he came up with.

Anyone for a Jones Soda at 8 A.M.?

Happy Birthday to my wonderful daughter!


Anonymous said...

awww!!! gabbie's room looks awesome!!!!! we can't wait to see them for real!!!! the scavenger hunt was a ton of fun!!! happy birthday gabbie!
erin and rebekah

JR said...

By the way-

When we got out of the car, we could hear Gabbie screaming. Maybe it helped that the window was open, but it was REALLY loud.

Pineapple Princess said...

Happy birthday, Gabbie! Your room looks awesome!

dave.heather said...

Happy Birthday Gabbie! That new room is awesome! What a fun age our oldests are at, huh?? I can´t believe you guys are going to Guatemala and staying in "once". What fun...good times in that little house, no? Big hugs to you all and say hi to Oscar, Francisco, Juan Jose, Catalina, Jhonathan, Yessica, and Fabiola. Have a wonderful time in our beautiful Guatemala. Hugs, Heather