Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tuk Tuks and the Hill of the Cross

Here is a link to another photo album. We walked up about 500 steps to the hill of the cross for a great view of Antigua. There are some pictures of Lily with a very special pink Butterfly. And some pictures of us all stuffed into a Tuk Tuk for a ride around town. We will post more details later.

Thanks for your prayers and for checking up on us.


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alicia said...

These are some great pictures!! It's so great to see you guys in Guatemala but it makes me miss it there so much! I totally stayed at that Mariott and walked all those steps in Antigua and went in that McDonalds! It's cool to see you guys there knowing I was there just a few weeks ago!! I'm glad you're having a great trip!

Also, Lily is getting so big and she is still so cute! Miss you guys tons and tons!