Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lunch at the Castillo´s

What an amazing day!!! As I sit here to type this, I am still trying to wrap my mind around it all. Lily´s foster parents invited us to have lunch with them at their house. From beginning to end, it was wonderful. They were so warm and welcoming to us. It was wonderful to see Mamma Dora and Papa Ruben again. Their entire family came to visit with us. Dora served us a wonderful meal and treated us like we were kings and queens. She made some authentic Guatemalan dishes that were so yummy! She also made baked three different desserts, each was so good and so unlike anything that we have in the states. The third dessert was cheesecake and she put two candles in and everyone sang happy birthday to Lily!
We were so blessed by this day and we are so thankful that their family has so much love for Lily! As a mom, I have wondered what their home was like...where did my daugher spend the first 8 months of her life? It was just so great to be there. Our kids played all afternoon with their grandkids.....funny how the language barrier doesn´t seem to bother the kids! Jumping rope and sword fighting is the same no matter what language you speak! By the way, for those of you wondering, we did use an interpreter who did an awesome job helping us for the afternoon. Dora was able to share with me some details about Lily coming to her and about Lily´s birthmother...some things that I hadn´t known. These stories are priceless!
There were many one point our interpreter (neither family even knew her before today) was crying and struggling to make it through the was just one of those days that I know I will never forget.
We will try to continue to update our blog while we are here. I will just add that this entire trip so far has been wonderful. We are so thankful to God for the opportunity to be here during this time. Our little casita in Antigua is muy bueno!! The weather is fantastico!!! The kids are having a blast!!! We continue to seek the Lord as we are finding reasons that HE laid it on our hearts to be here. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for us during our time here in Guatemala. Please continue to lift us up to HIM during our time means more to us than you could possibly know!

Here is a link to most of the pictures from our trip so far.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like an amazing day! Can't wait to hear all the stories in person. Saw all the great photos, too. Couldn't help but notice that Dora's grandson had a "Mater" T-shirt on. Looks like he and Max had a lot in common! We'll keep checking back... Hugs to all! Lisa

Anonymous said...

Loved the ones with Lily and Pappa Ruben...thanks for sharing so soon. We prayed for you in sunday school..5th and 6th graders today. The kids musical was great.Lauren liked Kara Green's "scream" the best. Keep having fun! Laurie

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you all to share that time with Lily's foster family. What an amazing gift! What a blessing these pictures and stories will be for Lily when she's old enough to understand. We will continue to pray for your time in the "Land of eternal Spring". Sandy