Saturday, July 07, 2007

Summer Fun

We are still here. I hope that the three people who check in on this blog have not given up on us.

Here are some pictures from our latest adventures.

Max and Sophie enjoy the surf and the Big Lake.

Gabbie and Will teamed up with Sara and Josh to take 3rd place at a local sand sculpture contest. I think that they got extra points for their name. This sculpture is "Sammy the Super Silly Special Slumbering Sunbathing Sleeping Sand Snowman". Max and Sophie also won prizes for their sculpture, "Sleeping Beauty's Crystal Castle for America's Birthday".

If you have ever been to Baldwin, MI you probable know about Jones' Ice Cream. We had to stop for some of the best ice cream on earth on our way up north.

Carrie, Will and Max at a Mackinac Island Hotel.
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