Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wild Kingdom

Springtime has been full of new life at our home.

There is a Robin's nest under our deck and the first egg hatched on Sunday. There are now two chicks, but they were both sleeping tonight and not ready for their close ups.

Gabbie got a baby bunny a few weeks ago, so that has kept her pretty busy. Her name is Trixie. She is a sweet animal and very fast. We have learned that it's pretty hard to catch a bunny on the loose in our neighborhood. Thankfully our dog chased Trixie into the pond and bunnies are much slower in the water than on dry ground.

We also have a bucket of 10-12 tadpoles. You can see a few legs growing in this picture. These are amazing to watch develop.

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dave.heather said...

So fun to check in on you guys and to see so many fun new pics of the kiddos (and the wildlife!). Our families are so similar. You will always have a special place in our hearts. All our best, Heather and Family
P.S. You can check out our blog to see some new pics of Easter and Soli's first birthday. Too fun!!