Friday, January 27, 2012

You Might Not Get This, Unless You're a Homeschooler.

My kids showed me this video today, I love it!
Top 7 lies about homeschoolers.
All of these things are true for us, except for the last one. In fact, this is the one that tends to bother my kids the most (when people think we do this)!


Maria the Great said...

That was REALLY funny!!! Too bad my kids don't have a parent that can homeschool them, I think they'd love it. :)

dave.heather said...

This is so funny!! And, guess what?! We're embarking on a semester of homeschooling....on a sailboat!!! In the Caribbean!!! Leaving in two weeks!!! WE CANNOT WAIT! And you know I am especially excited about the homeschooling. As I type this Dave is perfecting his Sailing Class Curriculum. And we'll be teaching the kids Spanish, and weather, and navigation, and spear fishing....We're so excited. And you wanna hear the "cherry on top"? We're stopping in Guatemala for Semana Santa!! Hoping to make it to Antigua for the Sawdust Carpets and to visit with Soli's "Foster Mary". We may not come home. Keep track of all the gory details on our blog.
Hugs, Heather