Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sprink Smidge for LUNATICS like US!

We are on another family adventure this weekend to visit my brother in MN. On the way, we discovered the the fabled partially sprinkled doughnut is actually available at Dunkin Donuts in Illinois.

Here's a little secret about our family.... Everyday, something happens that reminds us of a Brian Regan bit. Here's a link to the Donut Lady bit that we have relived each time we enter, pass or even think about a bakery.

Here's a picture of Will's Sprink Smidge. It was delectible!


Big Plain V said...

Brian Regan rocks.

Have fun in MN, Tiesma's.

JR said...

I want frosting... ALL OVER it. An' I want sprinkles... BUT NOT ALL OVER it. Ya got anything like that?

People are hurting me because I'm repeating that so often... I'm on a gurney!

Pineapple Princess said...

I adore your sense of humor!

That donut looks so delicious. Now I'm hungry!