Monday, February 26, 2007

Winter Extremes

We went to a hotel with some friends to escape the winter blues and cabin fever that sets in during February. We had a blast and Lily even enjoyed some time in the pool. When we first got Lily, she hated to take baths. Since then, bathtime has become a highlight of her day. So we thought she might find swimming enjoyable and she did. We played in the pool for almost an hour with Lily. The other kids spent much more time in the pool being thrown around and showing off.

Today was a beautiful day. Fresh snow with temperatures in the mid 30's. This is Lily's first day out in the snow to play. You can tell by her face how much joy she got out of the experience.

Gabbie, Will, Max (and Dad) built this HUGE snowman. This was followed by an equally huge snowball fight.
Check out Will's extra big smile - He lost another tooth today!

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Chill Daddy said...

Are you aware that between the lines, that last caption reads, "I knocked my kid's tooth out with a huge snowball"?

I one time slammed a huge plow chunk down on my son's prone body, and didn't get the sense that it was a bad idea until just before it broke over his head. He's still down 30 IQ points.